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The United States of America, the Policed States of American or the Corporate States of America…take your pick.

FIDEL CASTRO – “A bloody war would inevitably start. There should be no doubt about it.”

So yeah, I’m going to be providing two perspectives of sorts (courtesy competing medias) and let’s play a game – “Pin the Tail on the Tyrant.”

Voice #1 (Fidel Castro/Chinese Media) –

“Attack on Iran would unleash “bloody war”: Fidel Castro”

HAVANA, Nov.14 (Xinhua) — Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro warned Monday that “a U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran would inevitably unleash a bloody war.”

“Because of its ability to fight, the number of inhabitants and the size of the country, an attack on Iran is not like the previous Israeli military adventures in Iraq and Syria,” Castro wrote in an article.

“A bloody war would inevitably start. There should be no doubt about it,” the 85-year-old former leader added, speculating that Israel intends to attack Iran as it did when targeting the nuclear facilities in Syria in 2007 and in Iraq in 1981.

Castro also cited U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice as saying that an attack on Iran is a real growing option and that the U.S. government is considering putting an end to the current Iranian leadership to prevent it from creating a nuclear arsenal.

Western countries are ratcheting up pressure on Iran after a report by the international nuclear watchdog IAEA said the country’s nuclear program had an agenda to develop weapons.

Tehran has completely rejected the report, calling it “unbalanced, unprofessional and politically-motivated.”

Voice #2 (Ret. Army Ge. John Keane/U.S.A.) –

“Iran Terror Plot Prompts Calls For Tougher Actions”

WASHINGTON — House Republicans gave the stage Wednesday to hardliners who called for everything from cyber attacks to political assassinations in response to Iran’s alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador on American soil, which was revealed earlier this month.

“We’ve got to put our hand around their throat now,” retired Army Gen. John Keane told a hearing of two key subcommittees of the House Committee on Homeland Security. Speaking of the Quds Force, which is accused of masterminding the foiled plot to use Mexican drug traffickers to carry out the hit in Washington, he implored the panel, “Why don’t we kill them? We kill other people who kill others.”

The bellicose testimony, which stopped short of calls for military action, was only the most colorful in a hearing in which lawmakers bandied about phrases such as “an act of war” and “red lines” that had been crossed. The joint hearing on “Iranian Terror Operations on American Soil” was called by the subcommittees on counterterrorism and intelligence and on oversight, investigations and management, and it featured a panel of neoconservatives who portrayed the plot as a last straw that demanded tougher actions against Iran.

The bungled plot was “a stunning rebuke to the Obama administration’s policy of negotiation and isolation with the Iranians,” Keane said, adding that neither Republican nor Democratic administrations since 1980 have dealt effectively with Iran.

“They have been systematically killing us for over 30 years,” he noted, recounting a series of Iranian-inspired attacks beginning with the 1983 bombing of the American Embassy in Lebanon and continuing to the arming of Shiia militia blamed for killing U.S. troops in Iraq to the latest alleged attack this month. He said the time for “half measures” was over and it was time to “begin to treat Iran as the strategic enemy they truly are.”

Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former CIA officer now at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a neoconservative think tank, agreed and urged an array of covert operations against Iran. “It’s crystal clear they have the conception that now today in Washington, D.C., they can have a terrorist operation,” he said, “and could get away with it.”

Another witness, Matt Levitt, a counterterrorism expert at the conservative Washington Institute for Near East Policy, called for stepped-up diplomatic and financial pressure on Iran but also said in a written statement that “U.S. unilateral raids or raids undertaken in collaboration with Iraq’s Counter Terrorism Service should be accelerated.”

Several witnesses accused the media of downplaying the plot and suggesting it was too implausible to be real, comparing the reaction to the complacency in the period before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Only Lawrence Korb, a former Reagan administration Pentagon official now with the liberal Center for American Progress, testified against “overreaction” to what he called a “Keystone Kops” plot that he said was “an act of desperation” by a country reeling under international sanctions. While “it might be emotionally satisfying” to ratchet up pressure on Iran, he reminded lawmakers that “unthinking military action by the United States has strengthened Iran’s hand” through the invasion and occupation of neighboring Iraq.

That was a message welcomed by Democrats on the committee, who cautioned against overreaction.

Republican rhetoric “may be premature and could inflame an already fragile climate,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the committee’s ranking Democrat. He warned against taking actions “that would lead us down the path to another war.”

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) also called for “sober, reasoned discussion,” especially given recent reports showing that sanctions have set back Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

“Iran’s leaders must be held accountable for their action,” she said, “but we cannot take any reckless actions which may lead to opening another front in the ‘War on Terror,’ which the American people do not want and cannot afford.”

You decide…


WWIII – Upon or In!?!

When did the Germans realize that they we’re the “bad guys” in or after World War II? The reason I ask this is because I’ve managed, like a great many others as of late, to take a step back, unwrap the “Old Glory” cloak that shrouds our bodies (a flag most have forgotten the meaning behind) and view our world, our world and not the American one.

Our government is on the verge of having the ability to unleash the military upon the citizenry – indefinite detention without charge. We are currently engaged in at least two illegal conflicts/occupations on the world stage. Corporations now have the same rights as you and I. Police brutality has become an acceptable norm and most importantly, we, the people, of the United States of America…could give two shits.

In other words, have we become so apathetic, so indifferent and so ignorant as to impair our ability in recognizing right from wrong, good from evil and our place in this world? Something’s severely broken and I can finally see it.

#Occupy Interview – Complexity Economics Part II

Had the pleasure of bumping into Nick again and couldn’t help but record his discussion at an #Occupy “teach-in.” Granted, I’m not entirely sold on “Complexity Economics,” yet, but the discourse and transmission of ideas is far and beyond better than prime-time T.V.

ITD Special Report – China/Iran Connection

China hopes for prompt resumption of Iranian nuclear talks

BEIJING, May 10 (Xinhua) — China hopes that the new round of talks between Iran and world powers could start at an early date, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu said at a briefing that China hopes mutual trust can be strengthened through pragmatic measures.

“China has always supported the proper resolution of Iran’s nuclear issue through negotiations and dialogue,” Jiang said, pledging further contact with all sides.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday welcomed a European Union proposal to resume talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (G5+1) on its nuclear program.

In January, the six world powers wrapped up nuclear talks with Iran in Istanbul but failed to reach any agreement.

Some Western countries suspect Iran’s uranium enrichment program is intended for producing nuclear weapons, but that claim has been denied by Iran.

Editor: Bi Mingxin
Link to’s “Iran Nuclear Crisis” page –


US Senate To Vote On Bill That Will Allow The Military To Arrest Americans On American Soil And Hold Them Indefinitely

November 26, 2011
Since Occupy Wall Street began, American police officers have arrested thousands of people for exercising their constitutionally protected right to protest. On Monday or Tuesday, the US Senate will vote on a bill that would give the President the ability to order the military to arrest and imprison American citizens anywhere in the world for an indefinite period of time.A provision of S. 1867, or the National Defense Authorization Act bill, written by Senators John McCain and Carl Levin, declares American soil a battlefield and allows the President and all future Chief Executives to order the military to arrest and detain American citizens, innocent or not, without charge or trial. In other words, if this bill passes and the President signs it, OWS protesters or any American could end up arrested and indefinitely locked up by the military without the guaranteed right to due process or a speedy trial.

This bill was written in secret and approved by committee without a single hearing. Senate Republicans support the bill and enough Democrats support it to give it a great chance of passing. This provision does have opponents. President Obama has threatened to veto the bill and even Ron Paul is concerned enough to bring it up during one of the GOP debates. An amendment called the Udall Amendment has been offered by Democratic Senator Mark Udall that would delete the dangerous provision.

If you are an American citizen, protect your constitutional rights. Call your senator and tell them to approve of the Udall Amendment. No American citizen should be arrested by the military and held indefinitely without charge or trial. It’s not conducive to American values and would give the military and the government more power over the American citizenry. The last time Americans had to deal with an overreaching military was during the Revolutionary era. Because of that, the Founders included the 3rd Amendment to ban the quartering of troops during times of war and peace. Once again, Americans are under threat of dealing with a military that has more power than it should have. And it could cost us most of the freedoms we tend to take for granted.

America is NOT a battlefield. America is a free country and American citizens should not ever be arrested by the military and certainly not without being charged or getting a trial. This provision would cast aside the Constitution and put the liberties of American citizens here at home and around the world at serious risk. Please call your senator or visit this link, because this is a risk Americans cannot afford to take.

A note from Kaz, Editor of the “Pr0t0-rep0rt” –

I have since held a dialogue with people having differing viewpoints as to the interpretation of this legislation. We are in agreement (for the most part) that this particular bill was not designed as a response to the #Occupy movement (it’s actually been on the table for awhile). As for the government’s ability to arrest, detain and hold indefinitely without charge, there seems to be a vagueness within the definitions and parameters set forth within the bill. In the Senate version, there is a statement excluding U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents, however, the designation of the United States as being a battlefield alters said definition based upon prior legislation. Myself, and others scrutinizing this document, will hopefully have something more for you soon. ‘Til then, stay aware and stay vigilant.

Kaz vs. the Police Chief – N17, Milwaukee, WI

So yeah, come N-17 in Milwaukee and the resulting occupation of the North Avenue overpass transecting I-43, M.P.D. Chief Flynn made the right call, or at least the call most tactically sound.

This project, a joint occupation of infrastructure across the U.S. on the two-month anniversary of the initiation of O.W.S. had been in the planning for awhile. No matter the amount of secrecy, come N-17, on the day of, at the very least, I am sure that the police had an inkling as to what’d be in the works. Make no doubt about, all participating knew that arrest was potential and some we’re even counting on it considering the predisposition of police departments across the nation and their willingness to arrest and sometimes brutalize.

I’ve argued, and for some time now, that the arrest of and brutality towards occupiers only strengthens the movement. Not that I’m trying to weaken the movement by allowing this tidbit of truth to slip from my mouth, but brutality, police brutality is unacceptable under any circumstance, especially when it rears its ugly heads at citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

It would seem that Chief Flynn was of the same opinion. Rather than marching in with pepper spray and batons in hand, they left us to the elements – a cold Wisconsin night. He knew that one of secondary goals was a “martyrdom” of sorts – maybe not so much a goal, but a known and potential consequence considering our stand on the bridge and unwillingness to vacate. All things considered, I have to begrudgingly admit that his strategy was superior to our own and in some ways feel like he’d won the battle (that’s the tactician in me talking). Furthermore, he utilized the media in ways that’d painted us to be fools.

On that note, the Chief’s manipulation of the media, both on and off the camera, I’ve put together a vid (below) wherein I dismantle his arguments and assertions. I only hope that this message reaches even a 10th the audience his had. In combination with the “Flynn Dialogue,” I also take a moment to evaluate the “violence” associated with the #Occupy movement, or rather and more appropriately, the violence aimed at it as was the case for a scary moment during our occupation and stand at the intersection of I-43 and North Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 17, 2011.

IAEA on strings? WIKILEAKS strikes once more!

One must always be wary of what’s said and when it’s said. Take this latest IAEA indication of Iran re-engaging it’s nuclear weapons program. Sure, it’s an assertion worth paying attention to, but when we look at who’s heading the IAEA and stumble across a diplomatic cable or two (thank you Wikileaks), there’s suddenly the painting of a very new picture. As opposed to the Iranian aggression our government and mass media love to portray, the aggressor becomes much more obvious and a lot closer to home.

Nuclear Wikileaks: Cables show cosy US relationship with IAEA chief

When Yukiya Amano took over as the head of the UN nuclear watchdog last year, American diplomats described him as “director general of all states, but in agreement with us”

As Mohamed ElBaradei’s term as director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headed towards a close last year, Washington looked forward to the new era under Yukiya Amano with relish. In a cable in July, the American chargé, Geoffrey Pyatt, wrote:

The IAEA transition that will come as DG [director general]
ElBaradei’s term ends November 30 provides a once-a-decade opportunity to overcome bureaucratic inertia, modernize Agency operations, and position the new director general for strong leadership from the DG’s office.

In a later cable in October, the US mission in Vienna goes as far as describing Amano as “DG of all states, but in agreement with us”.

Amano reminded [the] ambassador on several occasions that he would need to make concessions to the G-77 [the developing countries group], which correctly required him to be fair-minded and independent, but that he was solidly in the U.S. court on every key strategic decision, from high-level personnel appointments to the handling of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

More candidly, Amano noted the importance of maintaining a certain “constructive ambiguity” about his plans, at least until he took over for DG ElBaradei in December. With a bow to the G-77, Amano felt obliged to emphasize the importance of “balance” regarding the Agency’s work in peaceful uses of nuclear technology. For staff morale reasons, Amano planned to work on improving the quality of management while publicly praising the current standards and commending staff members for their dedication.

Most importantly, the US mission in Vienna believed that Amano would not see himself as a political player over Iran, a role the US and its allies frequently accused ElBaradei of coveting. In a July cable, Pyatt noted:

He distinguished his approach on Iran from that of
ElBaradei; Amano sees the DG/IAEA as a neutral and impartial party to Iran’s safeguards agreement rather than as “an intermediary” and saw his primary role as implementing safeguards and UNSC[United Nations Security Council]/Board resolutions. He stressed that the IAEA could not replace the P5 [+] 1 political framework for dialogue with Iran, nor vice versa.

There was satisfaction among the Americans then, after their initial post-election meeting with Amano, but no complacency in the view of an agency bureaucracy Washington viewed with some suspicion.

This meeting, Amano’s first bilateral review since his election, illustrates the very high degree of convergence between his priorities and our own agenda at the IAEA. The coming transition period provides a further window for us to shape Amano’s thinking before his agenda collides with the
IAEA Secretariat bureaucracy.

The main US concern as Amano prepared to take the helm, was that some of the agency officials that Washington found troublesome, particularly in the EXPO (external relations and policy) department, were renewing their contracts and might be hard to dislodge.

Despite whatever intentions Amano may harbor upon
taking office, a renewal in some key positions will take time, as several senior IAEA officials recently received promotions or extensions of their contracts, or both. This “burrowing in” will ensure continuity of some experienced leaders but may also confront the next DG with fixed networks of collaboration that resist supervision.

Head of the list of US worries was the Hungarian Vilmos Cserveny, the head of EXPO, who was promoted to the rank of assistant director general before the handover. But Pyatt was reassuring:

While Cserveny is viewed as a partisan of ElBaradei, we know him to be a consummate bureaucratic survivor who is likely to tack strongly towards Amano in the new structure.

There was some initial concern that Amano would bring in a complete Japanese team of assistants with him, but Amano assures the Americans that he is aware “that would send the wrong message.”

The other pressing question for the US mission during the transition was the fate of the deputy director generals, particularly Olli Heinonen, the head of the safeguards division – a widely-respected Finn who ran the inspections of Iran, Syria, North Korea and other nuclear rogue suspects, and who was consequently the second most (or perhaps the most) important person in the IAEA’s Vienna headquarters, from Washington’s point of view. He was due to retire in Summer 2010, causing some anxiety in the US delegation.

The DDG/Safeguards position will remain essential under Amano’s leadership, however, as we expect the new DG to apply less of a political filter to the conduct of safeguards investigations. Thus, the decisions of the DG/Safeguards on Iran, Syria, and other sensitive cases may be the de facto final word for the Agency’s safeguards approach in the states about which the US cares the most.

Heinonen told the American he might be persuaded to stay until 2012, depending on what other personnel changes were made. However, he ended up leaving this summer. His eventual successor, Herman Nackaerts, was clearly not a foregone conclusion, according to this cable recounting a July 2009 meeting with Amano.

While Operations C Director Nackaerts “was not bad,” Amano also had a couple of good outsiders in mind (he intimated they were Northern European or Nordic but did not name individuals.)

Article from the UK Guardian

AMBER ALERT vs. Black Friday…?

I shouldn’t even have to ask the question! However, the answer is not as evident as it may seem to you or I.

Premise – You walk into a shopping mall on Black Friday. You have a whole list of “goodies” you wish to purchase at an accommodating cost. Whilst shopping in your third store on the list (about 30 minutes unto your consumptive adventure) you pause for one split-second wherein you hear an Amber-Alert being broadcast throughout the mall. What do you do? Pay attention and keep your eyes open for the missing child? Or do you check your list and see what more you need to get before the day’s “festivities” end?

Conservatives SCARE Me! =P

Collective IQ = takes 3 to grunt ;D

We’ve got Gingrich, supporter of child labor, albeit, he’s a step ahead on immigration when compared to other conservatives, but the reaction from other conservatives to his “semi-amnesty” plan for-surely displayed the sentiment of the average GOP card-carrying member, “America isn’t for immigrants anymore!”

We’ve got Rick Perry, ahhh, good ol’ Rick Perry, the maple-syrup man from Texas made double the fool in New Hampshire (I swear, the man was on something) who supports the removal of civilian leadership from our military. One word Perry, Egypt! This man’s an idiot to the Nth degree and we’ve already had one town fool from Texas too many. Next!

We’ve got Herman Cain, Herman, Herman, Herman Cain. Um uhhh, Libya, uuhhh Obama, uhhhh Gaddafi….wherein the greatest accomplishment he had during that interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was the shuffling of his chair and him sliding his water three inches to the right. Moron. Simply said, moron. And to make things worse, in a statement to clarify his blunder with the Journal Sentinel, he claimed that the Taliban were in operation in Libya, HUH!?! Oh yeah, and he supports torture, better yet!

We’ve got Ron “let them die” Paul. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few things that I agree with Ron Paul on, for example foreign policy – let’s get our troops out and get them out now! They shouldn’t have been there in the first place. However, his stance on social safety nets, healthcare for example, are draconian. Hell, he’d even let a campaign manager of his die…pretty ruthless if you ask me.

And then there’s Michelle Bachmann, another supporter of torture but most importantly, the hair and her acquiescence to her husband, I mean doesn’t that scare you women in the slightest? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS!!! (Some people get it and some don’t, just Google, “Michelle Bachmann, Happy birthday Elvis).

There’s Santorum, Romney, Huntsman…IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! They scare me (not really, but metaphorically). Truth be told that if you are reading this blog post, I think you are more capable of running the country when compared to any of the above! I really do!

In Avoidance of the “Culture of Consumption”

For crying out freaking loud, get outside, enjoy the day! It’s 50 degrees out in mid-November and you want to spend it in mall!?!