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#Occupy Interview – Complexity Economics Part II

Had the pleasure of bumping into Nick again and couldn’t help but record his discussion at an #Occupy “teach-in.” Granted, I’m not entirely sold on “Complexity Economics,” yet, but the discourse and transmission of ideas is far and beyond better than prime-time T.V.



US Senate To Vote On Bill That Will Allow The Military To Arrest Americans On American Soil And Hold Them Indefinitely

November 26, 2011
Since Occupy Wall Street began, American police officers have arrested thousands of people for exercising their constitutionally protected right to protest. On Monday or Tuesday, the US Senate will vote on a bill that would give the President the ability to order the military to arrest and imprison American citizens anywhere in the world for an indefinite period of time.A provision of S. 1867, or the National Defense Authorization Act bill, written by Senators John McCain and Carl Levin, declares American soil a battlefield and allows the President and all future Chief Executives to order the military to arrest and detain American citizens, innocent or not, without charge or trial. In other words, if this bill passes and the President signs it, OWS protesters or any American could end up arrested and indefinitely locked up by the military without the guaranteed right to due process or a speedy trial.

This bill was written in secret and approved by committee without a single hearing. Senate Republicans support the bill and enough Democrats support it to give it a great chance of passing. This provision does have opponents. President Obama has threatened to veto the bill and even Ron Paul is concerned enough to bring it up during one of the GOP debates. An amendment called the Udall Amendment has been offered by Democratic Senator Mark Udall that would delete the dangerous provision.

If you are an American citizen, protect your constitutional rights. Call your senator and tell them to approve of the Udall Amendment. No American citizen should be arrested by the military and held indefinitely without charge or trial. It’s not conducive to American values and would give the military and the government more power over the American citizenry. The last time Americans had to deal with an overreaching military was during the Revolutionary era. Because of that, the Founders included the 3rd Amendment to ban the quartering of troops during times of war and peace. Once again, Americans are under threat of dealing with a military that has more power than it should have. And it could cost us most of the freedoms we tend to take for granted.

America is NOT a battlefield. America is a free country and American citizens should not ever be arrested by the military and certainly not without being charged or getting a trial. This provision would cast aside the Constitution and put the liberties of American citizens here at home and around the world at serious risk. Please call your senator or visit this link, because this is a risk Americans cannot afford to take.

A note from Kaz, Editor of the “Pr0t0-rep0rt” –

I have since held a dialogue with people having differing viewpoints as to the interpretation of this legislation. We are in agreement (for the most part) that this particular bill was not designed as a response to the #Occupy movement (it’s actually been on the table for awhile). As for the government’s ability to arrest, detain and hold indefinitely without charge, there seems to be a vagueness within the definitions and parameters set forth within the bill. In the Senate version, there is a statement excluding U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents, however, the designation of the United States as being a battlefield alters said definition based upon prior legislation. Myself, and others scrutinizing this document, will hopefully have something more for you soon. ‘Til then, stay aware and stay vigilant.

Kaz vs. the Police Chief – N17, Milwaukee, WI

So yeah, come N-17 in Milwaukee and the resulting occupation of the North Avenue overpass transecting I-43, M.P.D. Chief Flynn made the right call, or at least the call most tactically sound.

This project, a joint occupation of infrastructure across the U.S. on the two-month anniversary of the initiation of O.W.S. had been in the planning for awhile. No matter the amount of secrecy, come N-17, on the day of, at the very least, I am sure that the police had an inkling as to what’d be in the works. Make no doubt about, all participating knew that arrest was potential and some we’re even counting on it considering the predisposition of police departments across the nation and their willingness to arrest and sometimes brutalize.

I’ve argued, and for some time now, that the arrest of and brutality towards occupiers only strengthens the movement. Not that I’m trying to weaken the movement by allowing this tidbit of truth to slip from my mouth, but brutality, police brutality is unacceptable under any circumstance, especially when it rears its ugly heads at citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

It would seem that Chief Flynn was of the same opinion. Rather than marching in with pepper spray and batons in hand, they left us to the elements – a cold Wisconsin night. He knew that one of secondary goals was a “martyrdom” of sorts – maybe not so much a goal, but a known and potential consequence considering our stand on the bridge and unwillingness to vacate. All things considered, I have to begrudgingly admit that his strategy was superior to our own and in some ways feel like he’d won the battle (that’s the tactician in me talking). Furthermore, he utilized the media in ways that’d painted us to be fools.

On that note, the Chief’s manipulation of the media, both on and off the camera, I’ve put together a vid (below) wherein I dismantle his arguments and assertions. I only hope that this message reaches even a 10th the audience his had. In combination with the “Flynn Dialogue,” I also take a moment to evaluate the “violence” associated with the #Occupy movement, or rather and more appropriately, the violence aimed at it as was the case for a scary moment during our occupation and stand at the intersection of I-43 and North Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 17, 2011.

BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS!!! Yourself that is…

Black Friday is on it’s way unto next year, or nearly. I revel in this as I watch the clock and see that only 3 1/2 hours remain unto this dismal day, a day wrought the worst of what’s American – our Culture of Consumption. Granted, this vid provided below was made prior to this darkest day’s activities, but the message should remain and remain near to the heart – We aren’t what we own!

I understand that when you sometimes see the flashy clothes, new XBox, a pimped out SUV or diamond ring one may sometimes wonder how it is that they reach this “level” of status. But truth be told, as long as you can look yourself in the mirror, remain true to your own sense of integrity and just be happy with who you are and the loved ones you’ve surrounded yourself with, everything’s OK. A great many of us are just like you and will not look down on you for what you don’t have; rather, we’ll see eye to eye in what we share.

Be well my friends, be well.

Lobbyist on the OFFENSIVE! TARGET: O.W.S.!

Well it would sure seem that the OWS Movement is sure picking up steam regardless of the recent backlash from various police departments across the nation ( a topic that I’ll be picking up this week). However, with this accumulation of “steam” now comes the attention of those that we directly attack – Wall Street and their lobbying hatchetmen.

News broke this week of a leaked memo wherein CLGC, a well known D.C. lobbying firm brought forth a proposal to key congresspeople (including former Boehner staff aides) wherein they’d laid out a plan to legislatively attack the #Occupy movement. We all knew that this was only a matter of time seeing that the movement has already accomplished in months what few could have done in years. Occupy Wall Street has completely changed the dynamic of the dialogue in D.C. Terms like the “99%” and “1%” are now common place amongst the tongues of congress and cohorts alike.  Is that enough? Certainly not, but its a damned good start.

Considering the dialogue and continued push by we, the 99%, we must now, more than ever, remain vigilant. The police have not been able to silence us, the mayors have not been able to silence us and most importantly, the lobbyists, this enemy of enemies, will not be able to silence us. All things considered, we should view this trinket of news as a victory, we’ve got their attention and they are coming, but they have no idea idea what they’re in for and comeuppance can be a bitch.

#OCCUPY N17: Milwaukee – The People, the Voices, the Police and the Reflection

#Occupy is officially two-months old and for the time being, seems to be as strong as ever. Though this movement has been around for only a short time, it seemed like an eternity in waiting for me. The sentiments expressed and awakened in others by the #Occupy movement are notions that I’ve discussed for quite some time here on the “internetz,” topics like campaign finance reform, American foreign policy, corporate person-hood and the growing disparity between rich and poor; but DAMN! Is it not refreshing to see feet on the ground and opposed to asses on the couch, thumbing from one prime-time event to another.

In order to commemorate in solidarity with the newly awakened and veterans alike, I ventured to Milwaukee on the 17th wherein I participated in the peaceful takeover of a bridge, an arterial path of sorts in Milwaukee – the I-43/North Ave. overpass. As we made are way towards the bridge past brother, sister and barricade alike, I sensed a movement, a movement never sensed before, even moreso than that of the anti-war protests I took part in. This was change, these were people and a future, a mutually beneficial future, was the goal. For the first time, the very first time, I thought, “maybe, just maybe.”

N17: Milwaukee – Phase 1, The People

N17: Milwaukee – Phase 2, The Voices

N17: Milwaukee – Phase 3, The Police

* “Phase 4, Reflections” coming tomorrow

Congress = Bought and Paid For!

Corporate greed and political corruption are two terms that have been brought more and more into the mainstream; more importantly, into our living rooms, the dwellings of Americans from all likes. One could credit the #Occupy movement for said attention brought unto this blight that affects America. “Money is the root of all political evil,” no doubt, but why has it taken this long for such an important story to catch on; the storm’s been a’brewin’ awhile.

Take Jack Abramoff for example, this man was up to his no-good lobbying shenanigans long before #Occupy was even a twinkle in someone’s eyes, but no one cared, as long as the illusion of a sustainable middle class and attainable American dream remained. All was well with Capitol Hill…right? This is my first point, why is that we all wait until the shit hits the fan before we do something. Benjamin Franklin (should memory serve me correctly) once said, “In a democracy, we get the government we deserve,” why I say this is that, “yes!” I do bitch and moan about corporatism, corrupt politics and everything in between, but my friends, we are part of the “in between,” we are part of the problem. Up until recently (and even so, now for some), we’ve been apathetic, indifferent and ignorant…we’ve allowed the system to rot from within, thereby, reaping what we deserve (at least to some extent).

Point two: Good on Mr. Abramoff for at least trying to make up for the calamity he helped create. Good on him for coming out and shedding light on the relationship that exists between “K” Street and our Congress. I only hope that others like him come out a reiterate the tale of this arrangement/derangement so that more and more people can come to terms with just how corrupt our government is and how intertwined money and politics are. Granted, this last wish may be something of a grasp (for I’m sure Mr. Abramoff would most likely not have come out had he not been charged and punished), but one can hope that the green-colored shades of money can from time-to-time be removed so that big-business and people alike can share a common goal beneficial to country and all.

Pipe-dream aside, and however unlikely it may be (why would the 1% want to give up their means and their position?), reality and realistic change resides with us, each and every one of us. Please watch the clips below, one vid, the raw interview from “60 Minutes,” the other, portions of the original interview with commentary by yours truly. Listen, look, stand vigilant and love, because like you, I love this country with one big “however,” I’m fed up with the freedom-“lite” and I’m fed up with the flushing of our once cherished ideals down the toilet.

“Congress = Bought and Paid For”

“Jack Abramoff: The Lobbyist’s Playbook”


Solidarity in Candlelight – Scott Olsen and Kayvan Sabeghi

Police brutality is never acceptable and said brutality will never end until we stand up to tyranny. Here are two individuals who not only stood, head held high, to the abuse of authority vis a vi the Oakland Police Department, but also stood for our rights abroad –

Scott Olsen

Kayvan Sabeghi







“Teach-in” Introduction – A local #OCCUPY Program

Teach-In for Occupy Appleton

Come to learn about economic injustice and democratic change

Appleton Public Library
Mondays, 7-9 PM

First meeting on November 7
(No meeting on November 21)

For he who desires to assist other people, either by advice or by deed, in order that they may together enjoy the highest good,… will talk largely of human virtue or power, and of the way by which it may be made perfect, so that men being moved not by fear or aversion, but solely by the effect of joy, may endeavor to live as much as then can under the rule of reason. – Benedict de Spinoza

So yeah, this is perhaps the greatest strength of #OCCUPY, the “teach-in.” Two birds with one stone, we gather and #occupy public facilities and we gather to educate each other. This is perhaps not only our greatest strength, but also, our greatest weapon, knowledge. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and join in the dialogue.

On another note, I’m kind of takin’ a step back from my involvement with the local #OCCUPY “chapter (for lack of a better term) so that I may focus more on my “Pr0t0type” and other media projects. This does not mean that I’m not involved! I will continue my role in their education committee, I am working on a special project with them and I will continue to be a “digital backbone” of sorts when it comes to coverage of any special events.  Solidarity as always, but in a way I’m more familiar with, in support of and autonomous. In other words, on my own ;D (it’s just far easier to manage time this way while helping at the same time).

This will also give me more time to check out and report from other #OCCUPY events throughout the region. Stay tuned, there are some big ones coming up.

To learn more about #OCCUPY Appleton, be sure to check out their page on Facebook –

And their webpage at –

#OCCUPY Lambeau Field!

Walker protesters try to get into Lambeau business summit

By Jay Sorgi

CREATED Nov. 1, 2011

GREEN BAY – Protesters against Governor Scott Walker attempted to get into a small business summit at Lambeau Field on Tuesday, but were apparently unsuccessful.

TODAY’S TMJ4’s Tom Murray reports that the protesters were unable to gain access to the north balcony of the Atrium at Lambeau Field.

According to Murray’s report, authorities kicked the protestors outside of the home stadium for the Green Bay Packers.

Protesters remained outside the stadium, marching in front of the atrium entrance.

#Occupying Lambeau Field , Part I

#Occupying Lambeau Field, Part II