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#Occupy Interview – Complexity Economics Part II

Had the pleasure of bumping into Nick again and couldn’t help but record his discussion at an #Occupy “teach-in.” Granted, I’m not entirely sold on “Complexity Economics,” yet, but the discourse and transmission of ideas is far and beyond better than prime-time T.V.


“Complexity Economics”

So yeah, one of the greatest strengths I have observed and have been able to partake in at #Occupy is the transmission of ideas, be it in person or here amongst the wired.

For example, consider this particular story –


So I’m out weathering the soon to be frozen tundra, sign in hand, my camera in the other and all the vigilance I’d need. While talking to a motorist who’d pulled up with a question or two I’d spied a sign on the corner opposite. Making out only two words on the sign, all distances considered, I begin to wonder just what “Complexity Economics” was. How better to learn than ask. So I’d made my way across the street or two and ventured upon Nick, a fellow occupier and soul resistant to this newer American status quo – Class Warfare wherein the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

We talked for a bit wherein he explained the basics, quite intriguing might I add and he’d agreed to an interview. That being said, here we go (on a final side-note, should any of you have questions, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to do a follow up interview).

Be sure to check out Nick’s “Complexity Economics” Facebook page at –