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ITD Special Report – Domestic Violence in China

Domestic violence a major issue in China

BEIJING, Nov. 26 (Xinhuanet ) — Friday marks the International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women. The All-China Women’s Federation says more than 40,000 cases of domestic violence against women are filed every year, and most half of them end up in divorce.

At this help centre located in Beijing’s Dong-si-qi-tiao, we found Mrs. Li. She and her husband just got married and moved to work in Beijing from rural China. But she has no happy memories of her honeymoon.

She’s been beaten by her husband frequently during the past six moths. She doesn’t have the courage to face camera, but at least she decides to speak to the social worker at the help center.

Wang Haiying, social worker of Help Center said “Women come to talk to us. At least two of them end up divorcing because of domestic violence every month. We listen to them with patience, face the difficulties with them and try to find solutions.”

Victim like Mrs Li is not alone. According to All-China’s Women Federation, almost 25% of women have experienced various levels of domestic violence within their marriages in China.

The government is stepping in. In Changsha city, Hunan province, the local authority has issued over 30 restraining orders aimed at protecting domestic violence victims.

More cities such as Guangzhou, Chongqing are also starting to issue such orders. Experts say this is one step forward but the victims need to speak out and fight for their own rights.


Editor: Zhang Xiang

Note from the Editor (“Kaz”) –

Heya everyone, hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to stop by and drop a line on this horrific subject – Domestic violence. Related to said subject, I received a comment on my/the YouTube video embedded above wherein YouTube user, “symbius1,” stated, “Take a look at your own;” I am going to go out on a limb and assume that he was referring to domestic violence in the United States of America.

My reply to user, “symbius1,” pretty much summed up my sentiments on the issue – “Hence why I stated at the beginning of the video, “Domestic violence is a problem that afflicts the world.” Furthermore, I referred to policies in the U.S. that attempt to dissuade domestic violence and applauded China on the new measures they are making in curtailing domestic violence.”

Domestic violence is a horror that knows no boundaries, furthermore, it’s an enemy that we can combat worldwide and together. Why I chose to discuss the issue as is and with regard to China is due to my experience with and understanding of our Chinese brothers and sisters. I’ve witnessed the tragedy here and I’ve witnessed it there. It’s a problem the world must confront and it’s a problem the world must rectify, together.

This was never about “demonizing” a country, most of the time (and as was the case for a good portion of the above embedded vid), I applaud the Chinese and attempt to dispel myths created by the “West.” We’re all human, we’re all together and together, we’ll solve the ills more easily.




Conservative Culture – Predisposition for Violence?

I really hate to generalize, especially when discussing people, culture and society, but considering this horrific example of abuse provided by William Adams (a Texas judge nonetheless) towards his daughter with Cerebral Palsy and the resultant reaction from conservative folks on both the radio and within the blogosphere, one must wonder.

Jerry Bader of the "Jerry Bader Show"

As something of a disclaimer, I know there are good and bad eggs when considering any ideology, but many of the “conservative” responses to this event made my stomach turn nearly as much as the event did. For example, a local conservative talk radio host, Jerry Bader, not only posited the question, “Was this discipline or abuse,” (the answer should be more than apparent), but seemed to support callers and commentators on the blog that supported the notion that this was in fact, discipline.

We’ve thus spoken of the microcosm, this example of abuse between parent and child. However, and to further solidify my argument, could there be evidence of a macro-cosmic representation as well? I’d  argue, “YES!” We need only look to the culture of war via swift and savage military response often supported by conservative politics. 9 times out of 10, it’s a conservative who harbors the intent of war against all who’d oppose the “American” will, one need only look to the recurrent drum-beat of “Iran” within our congressional halls and committees as of late.