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#Occupy Interview – Complexity Economics Part II

Had the pleasure of bumping into Nick again and couldn’t help but record his discussion at an #Occupy “teach-in.” Granted, I’m not entirely sold on “Complexity Economics,” yet, but the discourse and transmission of ideas is far and beyond better than prime-time T.V.


Solidarity in Candlelight – Scott Olsen and Kayvan Sabeghi

Police brutality is never acceptable and said brutality will never end until we stand up to tyranny. Here are two individuals who not only stood, head held high, to the abuse of authority vis a vi the Oakland Police Department, but also stood for our rights abroad –

Scott Olsen

Kayvan Sabeghi







“Teach-in” Introduction – A local #OCCUPY Program

Teach-In for Occupy Appleton

Come to learn about economic injustice and democratic change

Appleton Public Library
Mondays, 7-9 PM

First meeting on November 7
(No meeting on November 21)

For he who desires to assist other people, either by advice or by deed, in order that they may together enjoy the highest good,… will talk largely of human virtue or power, and of the way by which it may be made perfect, so that men being moved not by fear or aversion, but solely by the effect of joy, may endeavor to live as much as then can under the rule of reason. – Benedict de Spinoza

So yeah, this is perhaps the greatest strength of #OCCUPY, the “teach-in.” Two birds with one stone, we gather and #occupy public facilities and we gather to educate each other. This is perhaps not only our greatest strength, but also, our greatest weapon, knowledge. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and join in the dialogue.

On another note, I’m kind of takin’ a step back from my involvement with the local #OCCUPY “chapter (for lack of a better term) so that I may focus more on my “Pr0t0type” and other media projects. This does not mean that I’m not involved! I will continue my role in their education committee, I am working on a special project with them and I will continue to be a “digital backbone” of sorts when it comes to coverage of any special events.  Solidarity as always, but in a way I’m more familiar with, in support of and autonomous. In other words, on my own ;D (it’s just far easier to manage time this way while helping at the same time).

This will also give me more time to check out and report from other #OCCUPY events throughout the region. Stay tuned, there are some big ones coming up.

To learn more about #OCCUPY Appleton, be sure to check out their page on Facebook –

And their webpage at –

“Complexity Economics”

So yeah, one of the greatest strengths I have observed and have been able to partake in at #Occupy is the transmission of ideas, be it in person or here amongst the wired.

For example, consider this particular story –


So I’m out weathering the soon to be frozen tundra, sign in hand, my camera in the other and all the vigilance I’d need. While talking to a motorist who’d pulled up with a question or two I’d spied a sign on the corner opposite. Making out only two words on the sign, all distances considered, I begin to wonder just what “Complexity Economics” was. How better to learn than ask. So I’d made my way across the street or two and ventured upon Nick, a fellow occupier and soul resistant to this newer American status quo – Class Warfare wherein the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

We talked for a bit wherein he explained the basics, quite intriguing might I add and he’d agreed to an interview. That being said, here we go (on a final side-note, should any of you have questions, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to do a follow up interview).

Be sure to check out Nick’s “Complexity Economics” Facebook page at –

JOBS NOT WAR! – The Long March II, October 22nd – #Occupy Appleton

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Or our website at –


Many thanks my dear friends! Just let me know if I can return the favor ;D

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Yeah, it’s definitely looking like I’ll be coming down, if not tomorrow, than on Saturday with someone I just networked with tonight (be on the lookout for an amazing interview coming soon!).

P.M. If you want to meet up!


Don’t get me wrong, the importance of #occupying the bigger cities and streets was monumental in this movement, but the fact that it’s made it’s way into the “heartland,” equally monumental! I know that some of you, my friends, still remain skeptical as to where this movement’s come from and where it’s going, but I for one am tired of waging the war from behind ONLY my keyboard…instead, I take what you’ve all helped to teach me and bring it to this newly awakened phenomenon and oddly enough, most of them are of the same predisposition…the array is colorful to say the least (a topic of which I will address later and hopefully with some interviews).

What it all boils down to is the importance the term, the verb and the concept of occupy…while our nation illegally occupies others nations, we the people, have forgotten how to occupy our very own…