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Bank Explosion in China! J-15 Fighters! and Shaquille O’Neal, the Shaolin Monk!?!

Among a great many other stories. Welcome to this Thursday’s (12-1-2011) edition of “Inside the Dragon.”

(P.S.) Sorry for the length of this vid, it was to tired to cut it down.

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China’s looming crisis?

On the shoulders of only children…?

I am curious to see what will happen to China when the peak generation resulting from China’s One-Child Policy comes into middle-adulthood. The implications for China could be dire; likewise the implications for the world.

I’ll be doing more on this topic in an on-going series that takes a look at the one-child policy, it’s origins and it’s implications. Having lived in China and having gone through the process of pregnancy with my wife in China, there’s so much to discuss. Let’s start with this installment and see where it goes.